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Divided DNAs

Belief systems are like computer operating systems. Dual or multi in an environment, it slows down computations or increases overheads

Religions were to govern those rusted and ruthless minds. It was never intended to be a power center or political outfit. When these rulebooks were converted as playbooks, some grabbed the opportunity to muddle the water — the muddle never got clean thereafter inviting more doctorates of ulterior motives.

Belief systems are more relevant to its land where it should be practiced; people who should adhere to; the food and liquids that quench those minds and bodies; the air those bodies breathe first. If the same belief is followed outside these factors, then it’s like explaining the ‘blue’ color to the blinds — the most incongruent effort by humankind.

When abundance and oppression meet at a common point, law of nature goes off on a tangent — either one encapsulates or the other embraces one. After all, life is a theory of Booleans, isn’t it? Belief systems shall evolve along with human ever-growing needs and wants.

Linear flexibility in beliefs shall be as simple, sensible, compassionate, and relevant as parenting at home — the older the children, the friendlier the parents. Else no rigid systems of ‘any establishments’ in the world have ever had constant success stories generation after generation.

Tell me your beliefs, will tell you who you’re

Economic objectives are good for short-term goals; taking refuge in a given belief system must also be a temporary exercise. Binding emotions with existence leads to exploitation. Embracing anything new is a way to evolve. Questions must be what are those costs and benefits in a new way of life.

Nothing in the world ever remains perfect or corrupt — each corrects itself in due course as life is a teacher and time a healer. In retrospection, decisions in the past may look good, bad, and ugly.

Guilt is the best punishment when realization happens; confession is its salvage. Those who confesses appear to be relieved without realizing that the truth remains the same but transporting it to another physical plane without a passport or a visa.

Each opportunity knocks at is with some fair chances of success; ethics applied to embrace it remain to be the fundamental source of all the guilt thereafter. Incorrigible acts always lead to irrecoverable losses — loss is a theory of relativity and convenience. What is lost today may not be construed as a loss at later stages of life at all, instead it could be an act of thwarting some untoward events.

If erring act is humane; forgiving must be humane too

How bad could it be — jumping off to a new boat when the boat you were on trying to fit you in or fit itself into your needs? When in confusion and confrontation, blame it on Karma, else life ends up to be soulful and soul-searching at times. Ruthlessness to oneself is the best way to solve those mysteries of self-made mess.

Life is full of interdependency — it’s a resultant datum of those who’re above and below from one’s existence; don’t forget those on the left and right sides. Let’s become a bird now and take a view at these theory of dependency — each existence eventually ends up to be a top or bottom or left or right side of some existence in the scheme of things.

Besides what one believes to be outside the system, one must also believe in what it takes to be in the current system and correct oneself or wait for the system to get corrected by itself, instead of compromising one’s convictions and conveniently switching the camp.

When the soul of DNAs remains the same, dressing it up differently is injustice to its very existence. Either reverse the claim or reduce its catastrophic effects on these structures — fortunately built by those selfless acts of ancestors.




Certified Screen Writer & Film Appreciation Pro

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Sasi Chandru

Sasi Chandru

Certified Screen Writer & Film Appreciation Pro

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