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Minority mangoes

Each human being is unique. Uniqueness means something lesser or more than the rest. Minority means something lesser.

The world seems to be witnessing its heights of hatred today. 2020 has been a very bad year for human rights and humanity. When establishments behave erratic, empowerment should shift its gears. More distrust in human behavior is slowly pushing the mankind towards trusting technologies instead.

The recent acts by cops across the world democracies is an intolerantly evil and an inexplicable mystery. The gory intent by these establishments give a different connotation to popular saying, “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” If this continues, future generations will tend to forgetting the philosophy of democracy and re-questioning its vision statement that it’s an act of group of people on a group of people, what is wrong in it — correct?

One incident is an act of deliberate assumption or a habitual act of hatred; another is premeditated offense; the other is personal vendetta. All of them surprisingly to do with so-called minority in historical terms. The worst form of human existence is the feel of being ‘living dead’ or a ‘soul-less body’ with zero options left to defend or being hopeful of hopelessness in crisis.

When the Big Boys catch cold,

the Brethren should not sneeze….anymore.

Before jumping into educating, training people, better tune their minds to what is coming and set the expectations straight. Education is an eternal politics while training is an ephemeral business dynamics, both will only help in short-term, known goals. To beat the unknowns, better find an umbrella solution internally and anticipate the awkward scenes anytime. The world has always been a victim of human sacrifice due to some power-hungry political psychopaths and these are exactly the by-products of it.

Dogs and departments across the world behave as same as they’re expected; they do not surprise you. A marginal act of error makes all the difference, which is also called as a poor judgement at times. These incidents are classic examples of how the winds of change can make you a man of spellbound deeds or spineless acts.

When you’re a king, you’re a minority among your ministers; when you’re a CEO, you’re a minority among your employees; when you’re a captain, you’re a minority among the teammates; when you’re a teacher in the classroom, you’re a minority among your students; when you’re a superpower, you’re a minority among the powerful; when you’re empowered, you’re a minority among the powerless. Isn’t it logically strange a minority remains the most powerful ever? Actually it’s not — because in what context one is minority defines the contest and the conquest.

One who can break the laws;

the one who can make the laws

8 cops in front of 80 people beating two; 4 cops painfully pressing 1 person hard down to the ground; 20 years left to live pointing guns at one who has had 80 years left to live. Minorities in more numbers are meaningless but minority-driven minds are more harmful to society as usual. Both minority with a key to decisions and minority of carelessness carefully kept out are a type of low hanging mangoes — one acts as ripe; another admits to be raw.

Bottom line of this battleground — civilians vs uniforms; supremacy vs subservience; urbans vs rurals; rich vs poor; citizens vs immigrants; tight-lipped majority vs loose-lipped minority — needs a lot of basement work at bureaucratic and political levels.

As long as laws are not audited and updated, desire to excel from existing will never cease to exist and the war between ‘being vs becoming’ in each one of us will always be the decider of our behaviors. Our mental makeup must decide where we belong — majority of great hearts and minds in saving humanity or minority of ill-informed bodies in harming humanity.




Certified Screen Writer & Film Appreciation Pro

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Sasi Chandru

Sasi Chandru

Certified Screen Writer & Film Appreciation Pro

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